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Get Premiere Pro

Why I recommend Adobe Premiere Pro: After using Sony Vegas to edit my videos for 6 months I changed to the Adobe Premiere Pro editor as my daily video editing software.

I was able to do more ‘fancy editing’ and transitions as I was also able to use Adobe After effects to create motion graphics and transitions through Motion Bro.

There’s a little bit of a learning curve and it can take a little bit of time to get completely comfortable with Premiere Pro but it is worth the effort! 

Why I recommend Splasheo: This service takes the pain out of editing your vlogging and delivers you an edited social media ready video in under 24 hours. I like that it is branded to you or your company.

They only edit the in and out points of your video so you’ll have to be super clear and succinct in your messaging.

I love that there is a service that can help people overcome the hurdle of producing content. Getting your face out there is the most important thing you can do you grow awareness of your products and services.

Splasheo makes it easier!

What they could do better: They offer a one size fits all model and I’d like to see them offer more in-depth editing. They only trim in the in and out points. I offer clients a full custom pack of motion graphics and in-video editing. 

Overall this is a great service. 

IMPORTANT: This page contains affiliate links.  I earn commissions for referring traffic to these sites.  While I am careful to only recommend products I actually use and like, you should know of my relationship with these companies.