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Vlogging can seem like a pretty extroverted activity. Getting out and about with a camera and talk continuously about your thoughts and feelings. It can seem very daunting for a person that identifies with being introverted to consider what, from the outside, looks to be an extroverted activity. The great thing is that vlogging can become anything you want it to be! Here we’ll take a look at the tricks of vlogging for introverts.

Finding what makes you happy and capturing that on camera is how you start vlogging. Don’t listen to the people who are always trying to push you completely outside of your comfort zone. Choose a topic – go deep and enjoy the process! You can choose to vlog in a quiet space or in a home studio and use b-roll footage to add shot variety to your vlogs. Introversion is a superpower in the vlogging world – people looking for information want you to go deep into a subject that that be exactly what you are good at!

What is an introvert?

Introversion is a personality trait that is characterized by a focus on internal feelings rather than on external sources of stimulation.

People like to put others in a box of either extroverts or introverts – but this is far from the most useful way to classify a person. Like most personality traits, people fall somewhere on the scale between the two extremes.

If you have these personality traits you may find yourself closer to the introversion side of the spectrum than other people.

Three common signs of introversion

Being around many people quickly drains your energy

If you feel like being in a crowd quickly drains your energy – you certainly have some introverted traits.

That doesn’t mean, however, that introverts avoid social gatherings altogether.

Introverts will tend to seek out the company of close friends rather than a large social gathering or event. That brings us on to our second sign of introversion.

Vlogging in crowds can be exhausting but removing yourself and doing a piece to camera may be the tonic you need to start feeling better and recharge those batteries!

You have a small group of close friends

It is not that introverts do not like people – in fact – it could very well be the opposite.

Instead of having a large social circle of people they know only on a very superficial level, introverts may prefer to cultivate deep, long-lasting relationships that are weighted towards closeness and intimacy.

You are very self aware

Because of the nature of introversion – introverts spend a fair amount of time reflecting inwards and examining and questioning their own beliefs and actions.

It is this self-aware superpower that can make introverts vlogging superstars. People are often seeking answers to questions and deep personal or philosophical issues. This could be something that you can help people navigate as you have been turning inwards for a long time!

Let’s take a look at the approaches that can make you feel more comfortable vlogging as an introvert.

How to feel more comfortable vlogging as an introvert

Check out my vlog on this topic:

Remember that nothing is better than the other for vlogging. Sure, as an introvert you can’t expect to emulate your favorite extroverted vloggers but you can create something that better represents YOU!

Here are a few things that you can do to make sure that vlogging is right for you as an introvert.

1: Stepping outside of your comfort zone – DON’T!

Okay, as an introvert you’ve probably heard this a lot “why don’t you just step outside of your confort zone”. My responce to this:


Seriously, it could be the worst thing you can do for your motivation, the qualities of your video and completely destroy the one thing you need if you are going to succeed vlogging – persistence.

This bit of advice is to do what you do, but do it really well! Some of the best vloggers that I know often have a deep understanding of one skills or area of life – and that is the reason I find there content so fascinating.


There is an opportunity for you to grow your capacity. You may want to expand what you are capable of doing and being – and that is completely your choice.

By using the word capacity, you are acknowledging that you have certain skills and gifts. It recognizes that you have inherent strengths that perhaps you are not using them to full capacity, and that’s where the growth can come from.

2: Find a quiet space to vlog

Often, you’ll see vloggers out and about in public talking to camera. It took me about three weeks of daily vlogging before I felt like I could vlog in public. I consider myself quite the extrovert!

If you want some footage for your vlog you can always go and find some great b-roll footage or use a stock video service to add shot variety.

The actual act of speaking to a camera can be done somewhere where you feel comfortable. It could be that you have a home studio set up or you could even find a quiet park or street to do your walking and talking!

Importantly, find a place where you feel comfortable talking to camera. The audience will sense that you are uneasy and the camera is really good at picking up this sort of stuff up!

3: Your vlog should be about a topic that interests you

As an introvert you may like to go deep into a subject. The good news is that is exactly what your audience wants you to do.

For a successful vlog – you’ll need to find where you interest overlap with the question the general public have about a particular subject.

3.1: Research topics for content

This is where you should spend a fair amount of your time and early energy. Once you decide that you are going to put a load of energy into making content, it can be easy to get carried away and create a load of content! But hold up! Take a moment to do research on the topics and find out what your potential customers are searching for!

Define your audience

Defining your audience for your content varies in difficulty for each individual and business. If you are an established business with clients you can look at the problems that they are having and you can help with. If you are a newer business you’ll have to make a few more assumptions about your audience. Either way, you’ll still have a chance to optimize your content after making it.

If you want a free downloadable toolkit to define your audience click here!

These are the questions you need to ask yourself to make sure you know your audience in full:

Who is your ideal client or audience?
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Marital Status
  • Ethnicity
  • Religion
What do they do and like?
  • Interest and hobbies
  • Strongly held opinions
  • How do they buy products?
What is their pain?
  • Problems and concerns that keep them up at night?
  • How can you help them solve any of these pains?

It’s only after answering all of these questions that you are able to get a true and holistic view of your audience and how you can best serve them. Remember that serving and helping an audience is the best way that you can create content!

Write a list of 10 things that they are interested in.

Now that you have the perfect audience in mind you are ready to make a list of the topics that they are interested in. By the way, some people like to create a real customer avatar – like one with a name, picture, and bio so that everyone always knows who they are talking too. I’ve even heard of radio presenters sticking up a photo of someone that represents their customer so that they are always talking at the right level for their audience!

The topics should be broad and high-level at this stage. For example “buying a house”, “content marketing”, “Growing a beard”. You need to write down about 10 broad topics that you may be able to write content about.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is the key to creating content that will help you get a load of traffic to your website and help you grow your influence! It is the difference between producing assets that will continue to bring in leads to your website and content that is a ‘flash in the pan’ and sits on your computer without getting you any results.

Now that you have a list of 10 things that your audience is interested in, you need to be able to find questions that relate to those topics that you can answer for them.

I use two content idea generators. Ubersuggest and Answer the public.

Ubersuggest and Answer The Public

Both of these tools allow you to see what questions people are asking about the topics you identified above.

Using Ubersuggest to find content keywords.

In Ubersuggest type in the topics, one at a time into the search bar:

content strategy workflow - uber suggest

Then, click on Keyword ideas on the toolbar towards the left hand side:

content strategy workflow - ubersuggest keyword ideas

You’ll then be presented with a load of topics that you can use to guide your content production. Copy and paste all of the keywords into a spreadsheet. You’ll be able to get a huge number of suggestions. Remember to click through all of the other tabs (Related, Questions, Prepositions, etc.) to get all of the suggestions.

You’ll want to do this for each of the topics you have in the list you created!

Keyword ideas from ubersuggest

Now let’s take a look at another powerful way to find out what questions people are asking using Answer The Public.

Using Answer the public to find content keywords.

Like Ubersuggest, when you first log on to the page you will have to enter the topics into the search bar:

content strategy workflow - keyword ideas from Answer the public

Once you push “Get Questions” you will be supplied with a load of questions that people are asking in search engines about that topic. They present the data in a graphical “visualization” format as default. But click on “data” and you’ll be able to get a list that you can copy and paste into your spreadsheet with all of the ideas for content keywords.

Answer The Public have a whole heap of options (Questions, Prepositions, Comparisons, Alphabetical and Related) that you can copy across to your spreadsheet. I use all of them when considering what content keywords to target.

You can use this approach to find out exactly what people are asking about your vlog topic and then you can craft the content that answers those questions!

For a full content strategy workflow – click here.

What other introverts are saying online about vlogging

Quotes from reddit users:

I don’t vlog but I do record my own monologues from time to time because some days I can zone out and have the deeps integral dialogue ever and next thing I know it’s lie 3 hours later…but then I fixate on that conversation and have basically the same conversation over and over elaborating smaller points and rebutting my own arguments and reestablishing my premises…etc. This internal conversation can go on for weeks, so sometimes I’ll just talk out loud and record it so that I can get the entire topic out there and let it go, maybe re evaluate it at another moment. I literally have hours of just me talking about philosophy, religion, morality, government….all the good stuff that people apparently don’t discuss I dunno about walking through the streets vlogging, that’s definitely no my style as I normally go everywhere with a purpose and just talking about mundane things seems pointless. But if it works for you, you should try it

Reddit user

The final word

Finding what makes you happy and capturing that on camera is how you start vlogging. Don’t listen to the people who are always trying to push you completely outside of your comfort zone.

Choose a topic – go deep and enjoy the process!

Introversion is perfectly normal. If you find, however, that your introverted tendencies are the result of anxiety that impacts your normal, day-to-day functioning, consult your physician or mental health professional.