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With the increasing power of smartphones, making video content and vlogging has never been so easy. There is still one massive drawback to using your android device, however – the microphones are just a little bit rubbish! So here I want to share with you the best external microphone for android phones and the best vlogging microphones for android devices in general.

In a rush? Here are the top vlogging microphones.

More details below if you want a better rundown of each of the vlogging microphone for android

Product name Price Star rating No. of ratings URL
Rode VideoMicro Compact On-Camera Microphone with Rycote Lyre Shock Mount$52.004.4 out of 54,423 ratings Link
PoP voice Professional Lavalier Lapel Microphone$12.994.2 out of 52,550 ratingsLink
Purple Panda Lavalier Lapel Microphone Kit $29.994.3 out of 51,214 ratings Link
Rode VideoMic Me Compact TRRS Cardioid Mini-Shotgun Microphone for Smartphones $49.993.5 out of 51,224 ratings Link
Movo VXR10 Universal Video Microphone$39.954.2 out of 5880 ratings Link

Before I give a rundown on the top five microphones for vlogging on android lets have a look at the two types of microphones that dominate the options for android compatible microphones.

Check out my other post on microphones for vlogging if you want to use something other than your android device!

Can I plug a microphone into my android?

Take a look at your android phone and find the headphone jack. This is a connector that can accept up to 2 channels of sound input (stereo sound ie. left and right) and 2 channels of stereo output to headphones. 

The pins on a stereo microphone plug line up differently than the pins for a smartphone. That is why you can’t just plug in any microphone that’ll fit and expect it to work!

You’ll need a microphone that has an adaptor built into it – just like the ones below! You can also use a standard microphone but you’ll need to purchase an adaptor. Rode does a fantastic set of adaptors if you need one.  Just remember that the plug on the adapter should be what is called a TRRS connection and the socket is probably either TRS or XLR.  Those are the two most common microphone plugs. 

Now let’s take a look at the two types of microphones that are on the list and how to use them properly.

The two types of microphones for Android.

Lavalier Microphones

Vlogging microphone for android - lavalier mics

Lavalier microphones are known by a range of other names: lavlapel micclip micbody miccollar micneck mic or personal mic. They are a great way to get close to the source of your sound and reduce environmental sound!

They are a small wired microphone that is clipped on to clothing normally on the chest or neckline of the person speaking. The cord can be hidden in the clothing and given that they are quite small they can barely be seen!

To improve the sound captured by the lavalier microphone they are normally shipped with foam microphone covers and/or a furry cover for high wind situations.

Getting the best from a lavalier microphone

There are a few techniques for getting the best sound possible from your lavalier microphone:

  • Wind guard – use a wind guard as it will help reduce the distortions caused by wind. If it is really windy consider using a furry microphone cover. It’ll change the sound a little but it is better than the rumble caused by the wind!
  • Avoid fabric rubbing against the microphone – The biggest issue I have encountered when using a lavalier microphone is the sound of clothing fabric against the microphone. Mount in a place where there is not a lot of fabric moving around!
  • Chest mountain makes it base-y – As a general rule, placing the mic on the sternum will give you a nice balance of close proximity and natural sound reproduction.
  • Turn the mic upside down – When placing the lavalier on the chest area, mount it upside down inside the mic clip. This will reduce plosives (the wind produced when saying hard T, P and B sounds), which can cause distortion and clipping – where the audio maxes out the levels.

Now let’s have a look at the other style of microphone – the shotgun microphone.

Shotgun Microphones

Shotgun microphones are not as scary as they sound. Shotgun microphones are long and the shape helps capture sound from only one direction.

It is not as easy as the tube simply blocking unwanted sounds from entering the microphone. All shotgun mics use a standard directional long tube with a hollow, slotted surface. Known as an interference tube.

The idea of the interference tube is that the wanted on-axis sound passes straight down the length of the tube to the capsule diaphragm unobstructed, but the unwanted off-axis sound has to reach the diaphragm by entering the side slots. Since this unwanted sound will enter multiple slots, and the distances from those slots to the diaphragm vary, the off-axis sound will arrive at the diaphragm at different times and cancel one another out. This type of interference is used in sound reduction headphones too. Canceling out the sound using sound arriving at different times!

For an android device, the tube isn’t super long but still does the same job. Here’s how you can get the best sound from your shotgun microphone if you decide to buy one for your android device.

Getting the best from a shotgun microphone

There are a few techniques for getting the best sound possible from your shotgun microphone:

  • Point it at you – the microphone needs to be pointed to the source of the sound.
  • Get it close but out of the path of your mouth – no more than 10″ / 20cm, no closer than 3″ / 75mm.
  • Mount it from above or below, if you can – detaching it from the camera and getting it pointed at your chest from above or below is best.
  • Be in an environment that has lots of soft furnishings – (to reduce echo), such as a bedroom. Carpet and curtains, are important. Never record audio in a kitchen or bathroom (hard surfaces create more echo, which sounds terrible).
  • When recording, watch the VU (Voulme Unit) meters – they should be peaking at around 0dB (ie, when you say the loudest part of the sentence, they should flick up to 0dB, but be below 0dB otherwise).

Here’s a video that can really help you get the best audio from your shotgun microphone:

The top 5 vlogging microphones for android

These five microphones are what you should consider buying if you are looking for a microphone for your android device.

1: Rode VideoMicro Compact On-Camera Microphone with Rycote Lyre Shock Mount

The VideoMicro is a compact microphone designed to improve the audio quality of your videos. It incorporates a high-quality cardioid condenser microphone capsule for great quality audio recordings when used with a wide range of cameras. A directional microphone, the VideoMicro reduces distracting peripheral sounds and focusses on the audio in front of the camera.

You are going to need a mount for your smartphone with this microphone. Check out the images on Amazon for the type of holer you need!

2: PoP voice Professional Lavalier Lapel Microphone

It is designed for audio or video use on Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Macbook, Android/ Windows Smartphone and PC, etc. This omnidirectional mini microphone is naturally boosting performance for clear and accurate voice reproduction, improving the recording experience to the user.

3: Purple Panda Lavalier Lapel Microphone Kit

This handy microphone kit can be used to record professional audio from practically anywhere. It plugs into your smartphone using the headphone jack. Although the package appears small, it packs a lot of items, making it a full-blown audio kit. It even comes with a fuzzy windscreen to make sure the purest of audio comes through, and that wind or air doesn’t seep into the audio. This is seen in professional studios as well.

4: Rode VideoMic Me Compact TRRS Cardioid Mini-Shotgun Microphone for Smartphones

Rode is yet another high-end audio equipment manufacturer explicitly known for making audio recording equipment. Most professionals and several YouTube personalities use it, so you know you’re in good hands with this offering. The VideoMic Me sticks into your Android smartphone snugly using the 3.5mm headphone jack. This is by far the most extensive microphone that you can find and is pretty much designed for smartphone use. It also requires a standard 9V battery to operate.

5: Movo VXR10 Universal Video Microphone

Movo VXR10 Universal Video Microphone with Shock Mount, Deadcat Windscreen, Case for iPhone, Android Smartphones, Canon EOS, Nikon DSLR Cameras and Camcorders – Perfect Camera Microphone, Shotgun Mic

You are going to need a mount for your smartphone with this microphone. Check out the images on Amazon for the type of holer you need!

The final word

Using an external microphone will make your vlogs better than just using the internal microphone on your android device.

Choose between a lavalier microphone and a shotgun microphone from the list above and you will have an excellent vlogging microphone for android devices.